Ubeshinkawa Station

3D Environment based on Ubeshinkawa Station's appearance in Evangelion 3.0+1.0. Asset creation and texture authoring references include location images and key art reference from the film. Original Art Director credit Tatsuya Kishida/Studio Khara


3D illustration for the release of Sephonie on PC by Analgesic Games

Loser 24th Anniversary

3D illustration to celebrate the Osaka, Japan independent shop's 24 years of operation

M at Court Square-23rd

N at Queensboro

R at Queens Plaza

E at Court Square-23rd

F at 21st-Queensbridge

Hiraoka Station, East Underpass Entrance

Artmossphere, guest curated by Mónica Campana

Exhibition Installation at Manege in Moscow, Russia

Moscow Metro, Object 1: Station Entrace

Moscow Metro, Object 2: Station Platform

Moscow Metro, Object 3: Train Car

Moscow Metro: Station Exterior

Moscow Metro: Station Interior

JR Osaka Loop Line at Temma Station / 天満駅の入口

gouache, graphite on paper ;; 18.5in.x30in.

Objects Through Window

gouache on paper ;; 24in.x21in.

Metro Study in Oblique Perspective

gouache on paper ;; 26in.x40in.

Objects On Stairwell

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

Rudy's Barbershop :: Los Angeles, California

Private Mural Commission

Dolby Laboratories HQ ;; San Francisco, CA

Tokyo Metro Study 2 :: Platform Navigation & Support

acrylic & gouache on paper ;; 26in.x28in.

Tokyo Metro Study 3 :: Yamanote-sen at Ikebukuro-eki Platform

acrylic & gouache on paper ;; 22in.x40in.

Tokyo Metro Study 4 :: Ikebukuro-eki Entrance

acrylic & gouache on paper ;; 22in.x40in.

MailChimp HQ ;; Atlanta, GA

渋[谷]駅 :: Shibuya-eki 1

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

渋谷[駅] :: Shibuya-eki 2

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

[渋]谷駅 :: Shibuya-eki 3

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

新[宿]駅 :: Shinjuku-eki 1

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

新宿[駅] :: Shinjuku-eki 2

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

[新]宿駅 :: Shinjuku-eki 3

gouache on paper ;; 40in.x26in.

casted shadow study 002

gouache on paper ;; 34in.x25in.

casted shadow study 003

gouache on paper ;; 34in.x25in.